Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Overall im generally happy with the way this project turned out. I managed to get a 4 page spread menu completed along with an A2 poster. My initial goals however were to do a lot more than just this, I had aimed to do floor plans, building plans, signage and all sorts of accompanying bits associated with restaurants. However the menu itself proved a lengthy process and i felt i was best suited to getting that 100% right rather than lots of little bits that could ultimately let me down in the long run.
I think i managed my time well, I got the menu and poster printed in time and i'm happy with the outcome. This ISTD brief has proven to be quite difficult but i've enjoyed the process, If i was to do it again i would have focused a lot more on the finer details. I made the mistake early on of setting on an idea i wasn't 100% keen on, after switching my idea I was quite pushed for time but made sure I didn't rush and make any silly mistakes.

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